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International Arbitration and Litigation

Nadmitov, Ivanov and Partners represented the interests of a Russian tube-rolling plant in the proceedings on recognition and enforcement of an arbitral award issued by ICAC under the RF Chamber of Commerce for the amount of about US$61 million in Russian courts, courts of Republic Uzbekistan, courts of British Virgin Islands and in Swiss courts.

Assistance for the efficient resolution of complex commercial and corporate disputes is one of the key areas of our company.

The Firm has extensive experience representing clients in Russian arbitration courts, courts of general jurisdiction, foreign courts and international commercial arbitrations, in complex commercial and corporate disputes, tax matters, bankruptcy (insolvency), enforcement of decisions of international arbitration and international courts.

We are successfully working on international litigation and arbitration projects. A good knowledge of private international law and experience on cross-border litigation and arbitration allows us to find the best strategies for judicial attack and defense in tracing foreign assets and in the enforcement of court decisions and arbitral awards.

We have established good partnerships with a number of leading foreign law firms and barristers in all over the world. This allows us to offer our customers the most cost-effective services.

Since our foundation we have represented clients in the English High Court, the courts of the cantons of Zug and Geneva the Swiss Confederation, the British Virgin Islands, the Republic of Uzbekistan, Syria, Czech Republic, arbitrations under the rules of ICAC, LCIA, ICC, SCC as well as UNCITRAL.

The Firm’s practice of dispute resolution provides the following services:

  • commercial and corporate disputes
  • tax disputes
  • disputes with government agencies
  • real estate disputes
  • disputes concerning intellectual property
  • cases related to the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments and decisions of international arbitral tribunals
  • injunctions and interim measures
  • procedures for pre-trial dispute resolution (mediation)
  • bankruptcy and insolvency cases

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